Couple Finds 'Home' After a 21-Year Search

Gwen and Ledell Miles

Lithonia, Georgia, USA
Isagenix Millionaires No. 183§

Gwen and Ledell got started in the network marketing industry 21 years before they found Isagenix. The couple had been looking for an opportunity that would enable them to spend more time with their two children.

“It was important to me to have the flexibility to be involved in their school and all of their extracurricular activities,” says Gwen. “That’s what network marketing enabled me to do.”

The couple fell in love with the industry and successfully built teams with three different companies over the next 15 years, but eventually decided to leave network marketing.

The couple left the industry for over a year and questioned whether they would come back, until they discovered Isagenix. After being introduced to Isagenix, Gwen and Ledell say that they thoroughly checked out the business before deciding to return to network marketing.

“We were still a little skeptical at first, but we quickly realised that this company was different,” says Gwen. “We have truly found our home here.”

Gwen and Ledell were first attracted to Isagenix because they felt that they had finally found a company that aligned with their beliefs.

“Integrity was number one for us, and also leadership of the company from the top down,” says Ledell.

They were looking for a company that they could believe in.

“We’re at a point in our lives where we’re looking for stability, and we found that with Isagenix,” Gwen says.

The couple is excited about the bright future they see for themselves.

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