IsaBody Challenge Finalist and 100 lb Club Member Finds Belief in Himself and Inspires Others

Chris Parry

Boscawen, New Hampshire, USA
2016 North America IsaBody Challenge Finalist
100 lb Club Member

Overweight for most of his life, Chris never really believed in himself. As an adult, he was embarrassed to go to the beach, take off his t-shirt or be in the gym changing room. He was desperate for something to help him lose weight as the extra pounds were starting to disrupt his daily life with his children. He was unable to go on roller coaster rides with his son because he couldn’t fit in the seat, and he could not play on the floor with his daughter because he would struggle to stand back up.

Once Chris heard about Isagenix, everything changed. He enrolled in the IsaBody Challenge®, a 16-week health and wellness challenge for Isagenix Customers, and immersed himself in the IsaBody™ online community to take advantage of the extra support.

After his first Challenge, Chris knew he wasn’t done and still had more work to do. He had already started losing weight but wanted to begin working on building muscle. Chris partnered with a trainer, put together a meal plan and workout routine, and began going to the gym five to six times a week.

By his third IsaBody Challenge, Chris not only continued to experience a physical transformation, but he also noticed a shift in his mindset. He transformed from someone who relied on others to motivate him into someone who believed in himself. He also began to shift his focus from helping himself to helping and inspiring others.

Today, Chris is very active in his children’s lives and credits Isagenix with helping to give his children their father back. He can do things he was never able to do before, such as taking his kids on hikes and picnics at the weekend and still being able to hit the gym afterwards! Chris always maintains a positive attitude and keeps his mind focused on the future.

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