About Isagenix

Our Purpose

Isagenix is a trusted and respected organization that exists to inspire and empower individuals, families, and communities to live their best life through a journey of nutrition, health, and overall wellness.

Our Story

We are dreamers, believers, and achievers of transformation. We are lovers of purpose and passion. We are leaders in wellness. We are experts in entrepreneurship. We are innovation and integrity. We don’t wait for opportunities; we make them happen. We are a lifestyle. We live the IsaLife™. We celebrate the efforts and victories of others. We are a global family. No shortcuts, no excuses. Only the best in nature and science. No-compromise products that work, and work well. We give back, and move forward. We see health as the destination but wellness as the journey. We are in this together. #WeAreIsagenix.

Company Vision

Our vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process, create the largest health and wellness company in the world.

Company Motto

If it's not right for the Customers, it's not right for the company.

Proven Products That Work,
Backed By Science

Since its inception, Isagenix has led with science-backed products and continues to put Isagenix products to the test. By partnering with well-respected universities and laboratories, Isagenix is contributing to evidence-based nutritional research while also providing clinical substantiation for Isagenix Systems for healthy weight loss and healthy living.

​Our Leadership

Our co-founders, Jim and Kathy Coover, have more than 50 years of combined experience in the direct sales industry. They understand what it’s like to build a network marketing business. As Isagenix grows, the company continually invests in developing an internal leadership team that cares.

Financial Wellness

Wellness doesn’t stop at nutrition and fitness. Our financial wellness opportunities help reward Isagenix Customers for sharing our products and incredible transformations. And when you become an Isagenix Associate, there’s no telling how far you could take this opportunity – you could pay down credit cards or student loans, save for a vacation, or just get ahead financially – it’s up to you!* There is no such thing as a shortcut or quick fix, but Isagenix is here for the people willing to work hard toward a healthier, happier future. After all, if it’s not right for the Customers, it’s not right for the company.